The security of the cold wallets or hardware wallets is always better than the other options such as software wallets or hot wallets. At opolo our goal is to provide the most secure hardware wallet in the world.

Ease of use

Many hardware wallets are very difficult to setup. And even difficult to use them for send/receive coins. opolo hardware wallet is one of the most user friendly wallet out there. It would be very easy to setup and backup and very fast to send/receive coins.


There are many hardware wallets but most of them are out of reach for a casual user. We are aiming to provide a very economical option for the casual users who are currently risking their coins by storing them either on the hot wallet or on exchanges or on the local computers.

Easy to recover

opolo hardware wallets are deterministic wallets that means all the keys are derived from single master key. The master key will be created using the seed word phrases which will be provided to you when you will be setting up the wallet. Using these word phrases you can recover all your keys even if you loose the device or the device got demaged or destroyed.


Multiple coins

opolo hardware wallets provide you access to multiple cryptocurrencies or coins or tokens. In the start we will be supporting major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and all ERC 20 based tokens. Later on we will plan to upgrade the wallet with many more currencies and coins.

For everyone

Thanks to multiple hardware wallet generation. opolo hardware wallet is secure wallet for both types of user, i.e for big investors or for daily casual users. opolo let you segregate your investment portfolio from the daily usage wallet.

Win free opolo HW wallet!

We are going to distribute 20 free opolo wallets. Add your email address here to get notified if you are among the winners. The looser will not be loosers at coinyway, we will give 25% discount to all who subscribe before our launch.

How to save cryptocurrency!

How to save cryptocurrency!


About us!

We are bunch of tech nerds who see everything from the eyes of zeros and ones (binary digits). Our mission is to change the world for better by making the technology easily accessible to everyone. We do not like companies that create expensive products to make higher profits for their investors. We want to give economical options to the masses and eventually financial freedom.

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