World's first most simple &
secure hardware wallet!

OPOLO wallet stores your crypto keys with bank grade EAL6+ certified secure chip.
Its 3.2 inch touch screen makes it very easy to enter the password and phassphrase.
It comes with a desktop and mobile wallet app that makes the crypto experience seamless.
It supports more than 115 crypto coins and more than 200,000 crypto tokens, all from single app.
It allows seed backup to be stored in multiple shards with the help of OPOLO card.
It can also be used as a Password manager to store secure and confidential passwords.


"Opolo is one of the few hardware wallets that uses the highly secure EAL6+ Secure Element."

- Jackie - Head of Development Team Groestlcoin

"There are 2 things in particular that I like about the OPOLO wallet
1) It combines affordability with high level security, in the form of an EAL 6+ Secure Element.
2) I like that I can create my own 127 character passphrase to lock the wallet."

- Crypto Rich

"I am pretty amazed with all of its feautures like realtime tradingview and coinswap functionallity that is just awesome."

- Vincent Bul from Wanchain WAN
Most cutting edge hardware wallet of 2020.