Simple & secure hardware wallet!

  • EAL6+ Secure Element
  • Large touch display
  • Easy and secure seed backup
  • Desktop and android apps
  • +120 coins & +200K tokens
  • 2 exchanges & a password manager





Certified EAL Secure Chip

200 K+



Crypto Exchanges


We have worked hard for the last 3 years to build OPOLO Hardware wallet, to protect your crypto currencies against viruses, malwares and hacks.


Secure Element With
CC EAL6+ Certification


89.2 mm x 66.4 mm x 9.5 mm


Micro USB


Embedded ARM
CORTEX-M4 Processor


79 g

Touch Display

3.2 inch (79 mm x 56 mm)
LCD with CTP

And we didnt stop there,

we have done much more so that there is not even a small chance to compromise the security, here are some of the most important security improvements we did to secure your HODLings.

Genuine Device Check

The OPOLO hardware wallet comes with a unique, private key that is known only to OPOLO and it can be used for genuine device verification. Don’t worry about dupes!

USB Communication

The USB communication between the OPOLO wallet and the desktop or mobile app is encrypted with one of the most secure encryption algorithms in use today i.e. AES CBC with 256 bit key length.

Coin Exchange

The OPOLO wallet app has two third-party coin exchange options integrated, so you can get the best conversion rates possible. Keep more of your money!

Anti Theft Protection

For the ultimate security and protection of your crypto assets, the OPOLO wallet gets bricked and deletes the wallet data if there are 7 or more password failures.

PCB Potting

OPOLO wallet PCBs are potted so that no-one can tamper with the device circuit and the chips, providing the most extreme protection available against any hardware-based attacks. Carry with confidence!

Seamless User Experience

A 3.2-inch touch panel with a TFT LCD gives the most intuitive user experience on the market today. The touch screen makes it very easy to enter mnemonics, passwords, and passphrases directly onto the secure device.

Randomized Keyboard

The keys always appear in a randomized order on the keyboard to protect and secure your password and passphrases. It also helps us to protect the device against a modification of the touch panel chip that gets data from the touch screen. This is an added layer of security you don’t regularly see on wallets.

Malware and Virus Free

OPOLO firmware is signed with OPOLO keys and encrypted when installed on the device. This helps us to protect the device from illegal firmware installations. The device will be bricked if any non-signed firmware installation attempt is made.

We know you dont want to install another wallet app for another coin

To make things simpler, we have provided one seamless app for

OPOLO Cosmos Desktop application

an Android Smartphone and

OPOLO Cosmos Desktop application

for desktop platforms

- such as Apple/Mac, Windows and Linux

So you can send, receive and exchange crypto assets from a single seamless app.

OPOLO Password Manager

And we didnt stop there,

we know all of us use internet services, and it's very essential to securely save credentials of these services, something like OPOLO wallet, so we have made a Password manager that can store passwords and 2FA keys. Something extra for you to make things simpler and securer. OPOLO password manager works with

- Apple/Mac, Windows, Android and Linux

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"OPOLO is one of the few hardware wallets that uses the highly secure EAL6+ Secure Element."

- Jackie - Head of Development Team Groestlcoin

"There are 2 things in particular that I like about the OPOLO wallet
1) It combines affordability with high level security, in the form of an EAL 6+ Secure Element.
2) I like that I can create my own 127 character passphrase to lock the wallet."

- Crypto Rich

"I am pretty amazed with all of its feautures like realtime tradingview and coinswap functionallity that is just awesome."

- Vincent Bul from Wanchain WAN
Most cutting edge hardware wallet of 2020.