Crypto exchanges

Most of the hardware wallets do not provide direct access to trading platforms. OPOLO will provide a direct access to the third party crypto exchanges. That means you can do trading on the centralized or de-centralized exchanges very fast. Our end goal is to arrive at a point where we will be supporting many crypto currency exchanges (centralized or de-centralized) so it will let the user decide where to trade.

Fool proof security

At OPOLO security is our prime concern. Like other we do not trust ourselves and that is the why we will get our device audited by a third party independent security firm. We will be the first Security Certified Hardware wallet by an independent security organization.

Easy to use

Due to the small screen sizes most of the hardware wallets are very difficult to setup and difficult to use.  OPOLO hardware wallet would be the first hardware wallet that is built while keeping the user experience into mind. Its 3.2 inch capacitative touch display let the user enter the passphrase right on the device which is securer and also easy to use. The 3.2 inch colorful lcd display will let the user see the addresses easier so no fund would be transfered to the wrong/hackers address.

Multiple Wallets in One OPOLO

OPOLO hardware wallet is a HD (hirarchical deterministic wallets) that means all the keys are derived from a single master key/seed. The master key will be created using two things, 24 mnemonic words and your passphrase. OPOLO will never store your passphrase on the wallet, hence no one can gain access to your funds. Further you can use multiple passphrases to put funds in multiple wallets. OPOLO will maintain one separate wallet for each passphrase entered.

Multiple coins

We know that the other hardware wallets do not include many crypto coins that one might want to store. Its OPOLO’s mission to provide you access to as many cryptocurrencies (coins or tokens) as possible. We will start with the major coins support and eventually go towards full coverage.

For everyone

Thanks to multiple hardware wallet generation. OPOLO hardware wallet is secure wallet for all kinds of user. OPOLO let you segregate your crypto assets in multiple wallets from daily usage accounts (Current accounts) to investment/trading accounts (Savings account).

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About us!

We are bunch of tech nerds who see everything from the eyes of zeros and ones (binary digits). Our mission is to change the world for better by making the technology easily accessible to everyone. We do not like companies that create expensive products to make higher profits for their investors. We want to give economical options to the masses and eventually financial freedom.