Download OPOLO Desktop Application

OPOLO Desktop Wallet for Windows

Download the latest Windows version. Support Windows 10 and above!

.exe checksum (SHA256): c875cc12b56e55a60f4a5fb7d4c9f3dacfcb0e5cf503d2d9146a6a68838ad73c
Download (v1.2.6) Requires 64-bit Windows.

OPOLO Desktop Wallet for Linux

Download the latest Linux version.

.zip checksum (SHA256): 63faec45d533ceaa2aa47466cc6f561e59ec31651721ee003d5e565dd8201c46
Download (v1.2.6) Requires 64-bit Linux distribution.

OPOLO Desktop Wallet for macOS

Download the latest macOS version.

.zip checksum (SHA256): bd72b6fa921b5ebccf7bebb3f3dc278bd75900bdab237d427ac1b794467b4f0b
Download (v1.2.6) Requires macOS Sierra 10.10 and above.

Download OPOLO Cosmos Firmware

OPOLO Firmware for hardware wallet

Download the latest firmware version.

Firmware checksum (SHA256): 9d94a4af3f68b7f3bc47d0d60811fb6d4f69f501a61a517f58abb30bd0891a31
Latest (v2.0.0) Find link in OPOLO Desk App for your device supported version!