Download OPOLO Desktop Application

OPOLO Desktop Wallet for Windows

Download the latest Windows version. Support Windows 10 and above!

.exe checksum (SHA256): 655a9c8a7ab530666d012ae8602f61c988ff99841d11b9961767bb89c05026d0
Download (v1.2.2) Requires 64-bit Windows.

OPOLO Desktop Wallet for Linux

Download the latest Linux version.

.zip checksum (SHA256): d70e37c3e3c19358d6a4d952cb09df0c08bd6c331bf288a22052eee513e1577e
Download (v1.2.2) Requires 64-bit Linux distribution.

OPOLO Desktop Wallet for macOS

Download the latest macOS version.

.zip checksum (SHA256): 709fd58901d517fa37e529a2e375f955572c42d5783150f5fec69f434a073746
Download (v1.2.2) Requires macOS Sierra 10.10 and above.

Download OPOLO Cosmos Firmware

OPOLO Firmware for hardware wallet

Download the latest firmware version.

Firmware checksum (SHA256): 244b14ec6d25874711b29095bab7ecc5a336cd7ddefd371866bb4ee174ac9e9f
Latest (v1.6.4) Find link in OPOLO Desk App for your device supported version!
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