Download OPOLO Desktop Application

OPOLO Desktop Wallet for Windows

Download the latest Windows version. Support Windows 10 and above!

.exe checksum (SHA256): 5d04d574037449929574cdabf61a4fc27cc7c5379c0912c1fd9b083ad1ff4b9c
Download (v1.0.5) Requires 64-bit Windows.

OPOLO Desktop Wallet for Linux

Download the latest Linux version.

.zip checksum (SHA256): 4e9746a47f92fb3bfce20a5951d6079ea00e27048d05ac9ab1494f7f356ad8ce
Download (v1.0.5) Requires 64-bit Linux distribution.

OPOLO Desktop Wallet for macOS

Download the latest macOS version.

.zip checksum (SHA256): bf1bc419290c4334846b11dcac6dd24ee80ac2d13eab5155b8caffd3dfcf2e40
Download (v1.0.5) Requires macOS Sierra 10.10 and above.

Download OPOLO Cosmos Firmware

OPOLO Firmware for hardware wallet

Download the latest firmware version.

Firmware checksum (SHA256): db5ee57da5d50b353958403c5ac010b9f957ee8ab80045ca77bac4855df3e583
Download (v1.3.8) Requires OPOLO Cosmos Hardware Wallet.
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