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Things to Consider Before Buying a Hardware Wallet!

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

The digital age is here, and things are changing quickly. Traditional ways of life are being challenged, and if you are not part of the change. Then you’re failing to grow as a person. Hardware wallets are quickly becoming popular, and soon everyone will own one. There are a few choices in the market to choose from each has its own unique feature, and everyone promises you that they are the best.


But as modern buyers, you weight the pros and cons, then make an informed decision. I’m here to help you make that decision. All things can be quantified on a variety of merits. Hardware wallets are no different.





Before buying a hardware wallet, you need to consider some things. The most important thing being security; it’s only logical to store your cryptocurrencies securely. So securely, in fact, that if anyone has physical access to your device, they still can’t have access to your crypto assets.

Let’s talk about the security of your bank card as an example. How does VISA or MASTERCARD make sure no one else can copy or clone their cards?

The reason being that they use a chip, also known as a SECURE ELEMENT, that stores the private keys of the user in a secure method of encryption. There no way to see the key or copy them. This data stays in the card and is a highly secure system.

So when buying a hardware wallet, this is exactly the type of security you should be looking for. You want to store your mnemonic keys and data on a SE so that no one can get access from it.

Cryptocurrency wallets can be quantified in terms of security by an Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) number. The EAL number is a total rating you receive out of 7. Most have a rating of around 4 to 5.


The user experience:


Another important thing to consider is the ease of using the hardware wallet. Certain factors such as larger screen size, integration of many cryptocurrencies, ease of transferring cryptocurrencies, and exchanging coins with one another play a massive role in the overall experience. If the screen is too small and doesn’t support touch screen technology, then you’ll waste a lot of precious time just accessing the application, and one mistake means starting all over again.

Most hardware wallets don’t have many cryptocurrencies integrated into them. So you have to download applications online for them. This is time-consuming and puts you at risk from malware.


Why should you use OPOLO wallets?


This is an offline cryptocurrency wallet. Hence your device never goes online, so it’s safe from hackers. Moreover, you are protected by software created by cybersecurity experts. Secure Element With CC EAL6+ Certification
OPOLO is also more convenient for handling your cryptocurrency because there’s only one app that needs to be downloaded to your Mac, Windows, Android, or Linux system. Over 108 supported coins and more then 200,000 thousands of tokens. So you can transfer, send, and receive almost all your cryptocurrencies on one platform. Furthermore, you can also exchange coins from this platform, for example, Bitcoin to Ethereum.

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