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OPOLO Wallets Saves your Currency from Being Hacked

Friday, October 2nd, 2020

One of the best things about cryptocurrencies is anonymity. However, this is also the reason that hackers can make a clean getaway with all your digital currency. Ever since the inception of the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, each year, large quantities of the digital currency goes missing. Malicious hackers have found multiple ways to hack your systems, ways that you would never suspect. They can hack you through your WIFI connection, through Trojans, clickable ads, pdf downloads, even if you open the wrong link for too long, and etc.

As hackers are getting smarter, so is technology. However, until now, the OPOLO wallet is the only digital currency wallet that is impenetrable. Many have made this claim and but by simply doing some research, you will find out that they aren’t worth their salt. The reason being that we have the best ethical hackers always making each software update more secure than the last. OPOLO wallet is the only cryptocurrency wallet that is both secure in software and hardware.

Here is why the OPOLO wallet is the only cryptocurrency wallet you need:


5 Card Mnemonic Backup:


When you buy an OPOLO wallet, you will also receive 5 cards. These cards will help you backup your data. Simply swipe these cards behind your device, and they will save your mnemonics for backup. You will need 3/5 cards to secure your backup. These cards will not only keep your backup safer, but it will also save you the hassle of writing down your mnemonics.


Completely offline:

OPOLO hardware wallets are completely offline. They have no Bluetooth, WIFI, WI-LAN, or any other form of connectivity with the internet. How can anyone hack something that’s not online? They simply cannot.


EAL 6+ with Secure Element:


EAL6+ is the highest level of security achieved by any hardware wallet in the market. OPOLO wallet has both secure EAL6+ and Secure Element chip, which stores your private key in complex methods of encryption just as credit cards do. There is no way to see the key or copy them, so this is a highly secure system.

Moreover, the EAL6+ certification is for both hardware and software. Most cryptocurrency wallets only have one tested, while the other is still susceptible to attacks. OPOLO wallets is the only company that never hides anything from its consumers.


Regular updates:


Our team of software developers and ethical hackers are constantly coming up with better updates that are both more user friendly and more secure. If these hackers do not rest, why should we? Experience real security with OPOLO wallets.


Longest password/passphrase:


OPOLO wallets allow its users to have 120 characters long passwords and passphrases. The longer these passwords and passphrases are, the harder they are to crack. Moreover, a user only gets 7 attempts at guessing your passkeys correctly, after which the device is blocked.


Most integrated coins and more to come:


OPOLO wallets have over 110 cryptocurrencies integrated within its application and over 200,000 tokens. This is the highest number of integrated crypto assets in one wallet ever. Moreover, this trend is only going to get better. The owners have planned to integrate more and more coins with each update. This helps make OPOLO Wallets more secure as users do not have to make unnecessary downloads just because they can’t find their coins on their wallets.

This is another way hackers get your hard-earned crypto. You accidentally download the wrong coin app and poof, everything is gone. This is why we integrate all these coins for you.

OPOLO wallets care for your security, as your security is our success. One simply cannot exist without the other. Join the OPOLO team and experience what true security really is!