How to update OPOLO Desk

OPOLO Desk Update

  1. Whenever a new release of OPOLO Desk is available, you may view the notification message on the OPOLO Desk restart.
  2. Download the OPOLO Desk for your Operating System. OPOLO Desk is available for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux (Ubuntu).
  3. For Windows:
    1. Download the installer file, and run the installer.
  4. For Mac OS:
    1. Download the zip file, extract the app on the desktop
    2. Move the app to the Application folder and run it
    3. Give the permission on the settings page to run the OPOLO Desk
    4. Re-run the app after giving permissions
  5. For Linux/Ubuntu:
    1. Download the zip file and extract it
    2. Open a terminal window and go inside the directory where the OPOLODesk is extracted
    3. Give the OPOLODesk file executable permission, using “chmod +x OPOLODesk” command
    4. Run the OPOLODesk from the terminal using “./OPOLODesk”