How to backup OPOLO Desk data

OPOLO Desk data back up: This will only back up the data stored on the Desktop app, It will back up OPOLO Desk preferences, like language, currency, and selected coins. Please note that it will not back up the mnemonics or private keys or any sensitive data from the OPOLO Cosmos device! In fact, the sensitive data never leaves the device.

  1. Go to the settings page on OPOLO Desk.
  2. Under the section “Settings,” press the button “Wallet backup.”
  3. Select the path to save the backup file. The backup file will contain all the wallets, settings, and exchange transaction information on OPOLO Desktop.

How to restore the backup - Under the section “Settings,” press the button “Restore wallet.” - Select the backup file, this will restore all the information stored on the OPOLO Desk.

This is advised to take the OPOLO Desk data backup before installation or upgrade of the software or operating system.