How to add Bitcoin in OPOLO Desk

  1. Select COINS from the left-hand side menu on OPOLO Desk
  2. Press the button on the right-hand side “+Add Coins/Tokens”
  3. Toggle the “Bitcoin” option
  4. If this is the first coin you are adding after connecting the device, on the OPOLO Cosmos device, you will be asked for the passphrase, enter the passphrase or just press enter if you do not have any passphrase
  5. You must know that this passphrase is not the password for the device. You may set or not set this passphrase, but this is part of your wallet. For every different passphrase, a different wallet will be created. So do not forget this passphrase or you may lose access to your coins.
  6. On OPOLO Desk, close the popup, you will see the Bitcoin coins is displayed on the COINS page.

Receive Bitcoin

  1. Click on the button “Receive” in Bitcoin section, another pop up will be displayed with a QR code and address.
  2. This address can be used to receive coins.
  3. You may generate more addresses from the “Send” popup.

Send Bitcoin

  1. Click on the button “Send” in the Bitcoin section, another pop up will be displayed with Bitcoin addresses information, the address coin balance, the coins balance in the user's base currency (USD or EURO, etc).
  2. Next to the addresses, you will view two buttons, one to copy the address and the other is “+” button that is used to generate new addresses. You will notice for every new address, the index will be incremented and a new address will be added to the drop-down list.
  3. You must be able to view the “Fee” under the addresses drop-down menu, if it is not visible, re-open this dialogue or check your internet connection.
  4. Enter the bitcoin address of the receiver in the “Send address” input field, make sure you are using the same address type which is supported by the OPOLO Desk. A rule of thumb, the address should be similar to the address OPOLO Desk has created for your wallet. To minimize the risk of losing coins, you can first try a very small transaction. OPOLO Desk only supports those addresses that are similar to OPOLO Desk generated addresses. Other addresses may or may not work.
  5. In the “Amount to send” field enter the amount that needs to be sent. You may press the “Send entire balance” button to fill the amount, this amount is the difference between total balance and the transaction fee.
  6. If all is good, the “Send Coins” button will be enabled, press that button.
  7. Now you can view the transaction information on the device, verify all information on the device (address, amount to be sent, coin name, balance return address) is the same as displayed on OPOLO Desk. If all is well continue and sign the transaction, else cancel it.
  8. On successful transaction broadcast, you will view the transaction id on OPOLO Desk. Copy and save this transaction id for your records. You can also view the transaction information for the selected address if you click on the “View Transactions” link.
  9. After some time (depends on the transaction fee and blockchain) if you close the Send coin popup and re-open it, you will be able to see the updated balance.