OPOLO Cosmos Firmware update

Warning: This is a very very sensitive step, if anything is done wrong, it can brick your device (OPOLO Cosmos)

  1. Whenever new firmware is available, you will see a message on OPOLO Desk to update the firmware with the download link.
  2. Go to download link and download the latest firmware and save it on your desktop. You can check if the firmware you are downloading is a higher version than the one your device (OPOLO Cosmos) already has. To check that, you can click on the “ABOUT” button on OPOLO Desk left side menu. This will show the OPOLO Cosmos firmware version. Do not update an older or current firmware version to OPOLO Cosmos. It may brick the device.
  3. If you are really sure, then move to the next step
  4. Go to the settings page on OPOLO Desk
  5. Under the section “Hardware Wallet,” press the button “Update Firmware,” you will see a pop up opened
  6. OPOLO Cosmos firmware update can be done in two steps
  7. Step 1: Press the button “Set Bootloader mode”
    1. Confirm on the device that you want to setup boot loader mode.
    2. Re-connect the device, now your device will go to boot loader mode, and you will see the heading “Bootloader mode”
    3. Close the OPOLO Desk and re-open it , in order to pair with device in Bootloader mode.
  8. Step 2: Firmware update
    1. On OPOLO Desk, now press the “Select a file” button and select the firmware file (the one you have downloaded from the server). Do not select some random file, this may brick your device
    2. Now you will see on OPOLO Cosmos device that the firmware upgrading process is started with a progress bar
    3. You will be asked to confirm the hash of the firmware, On confirmation, the firmware process will be complete.
    4. Now reconnect the device and authenticate
    5. OPOLO Cosmos may update the boot loader automatically on the first restart of the device
    6. After updating the boot loader, reconnect the device and authenticate
    7. If all went well, you will be able to view OPOLO Cosmos home screen with the heading “OPOLO Hardware Wallet”
    8. Congratulations you have successfully updated the firmware. Enjoy the new cool features of OPOLO Cosmos.