Connect OPOLO Cosmos with OPOLO Desk

Follow these steps to complete the connection process:

  1. Plug the USB connector into the device and also into the Desktop PC. The USB connector only works in one direction, so if you see an error on windows that says that the USB is not recognized this is because, the USB connector in the device is put in the opposite direction, so remove the USB from the device and flip the connector and insert in the device again. This will resolve the error.
  2. To authenticate on the OPOLO Cosmos, enter password
  3. Upon successful authentication, you will see OPOLO Home screen on the OPOLO Cosmos with heading “OPOLO Hardware Wallet”.
  4. Open the OPOLO Desk, it will open two windows, one for the USB pair and one for the main window of OPOLO Desk.
  5. Pair the USB device by selecting “OPOLOC” or “InterBiometric..” on the smaller USB pair window.
  6. On successful pair, you will see a green notification on OPOLO Desk, stating “OPOLO Wallet has been connected.”