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How to setup OPOLO Cosmos

OPOLO Cosmos setup

  1. Plug the USB connector into the device and into the Desktop PC. The USB connector only works in one direction, so if you see an error on Windows that the USB is not recognized that is because the USB connector in the device is put in the opposite direction, so remove the USB from the device and flip the connector and insert in the device again. This will resolve the error.
  2. For only the first time, you must see the following screen with the text “Are you ready to continue to setup password?” followed by two buttons “No” and “Yes.” You should press “Yes” and set up the password.
  3. Upon pressing “Yes” you will be sent to the password setup screen where you need to type the password you want to set up and confirm it. OPOLO supports passwords of up to 120 characters. Do not set up a password longer than this.
  4. Once you have confirmed the password, you will be directed to the authentication screen where you need to enter the password to authenticate the device and log in.
  5. Remember there are only 7 attempts you have to authenticate, and these attempts are being incremented for every failure until you get a success. On success, the tries count resets to zero. So be very careful while entering your password, if you have exceeded the failed attempts then you would not be able to use the wallet anymore. To avoid stealing of the seed, the wallet removes all data from the device and block it for further use. So do not enter the wrong password more than 7 times.