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Q. Why is OPOLO Cosmos Secure?

A. There are several reasons why OPOLO Cosmos can be considered the most secure wallet. Here are some of them:

  1. OPOLO Cosmos uses a Secure Element (SE) that has CC EAL6+ certification and was developed by one of the major semiconductor companies, NXP.
  2. The mnemonics or private key, any data that is sensitive, never leaves the OPOLO Cosmos device.
  3. The passphrase is never stored on the device.
  4. The password is not stored anywhere except in the Secure Element.
  5. The wallet mnemonics are never stored anywhere except in the Secure Element when the device is powered off.
  6. The password and passphrase are entered directly onto the device to avoid the chances of viruses sniffing the data from a computer.
  7. The password size could be as long as 120 characters long, not supported by any other wallet in the market.
  8. The passphrase can be as long as 120 characters long to give users ultimate security, which is not supported by any other wallet in the market.

Q. How can I check if my OPOLO Cosmos device is genuine or not?

A. In OPOLO Cosmos SE, OPOLO stores a unique private key (generated and installed from an air-gapped computer) used for genuine validation. This private key can only be used to sign random data. You can check the authenticity of your device from the Settings page of OPOLO Desk or OPOLO Mobile app.

Q. How does OPOLO Cosmos generate a wallet? Does OPOLO Cosmos support BIP-39 standard?

A. OPOLO Cosmos has an STM32F4 microcontroller that randomly generates the seed for a wallet. From this seed, mnemonics are generated following the BIP-39 standard. The wallet, generated by OPOLO Cosmos, is fully compatible with other BIP-39 wallets. The users may add a passphrase (up to 120 characters) of their own choice to the BIP-39 wallet. For more info on BIP-39, watch this video explains BIP-39.

Q. How does OPOLO Cosmos create wallets for multiple cryptocurrencies and tokens?

A. OPOLO Cosmos follows the BIP-32 and BIP-44 protocols to provide a standard Hierarchical deterministic wallet. For details, please watch this video explains BIP-32 and BIP-44.

Q. What devices and operating systems are supported by OPOLO Cosmos?

A. OPOLO Cosmos can be connected to any PC or Laptop that has Linux, Windows 10, or higher, and MAC OS X. OPOLO Cosmos can also be connected to Android smartphones that support OTG and Android versions greater than 7.

Q. Which coins are currently supported by OPOLO Cosmos?

A. OPOLO Cosmos supports more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies, this can be viewed on OPOLO crypto assets page.

Q. How to update the wallet firmware to v2.0.10?

A. Warning : Before starting the update process, make sure that you have the backup (24 words seed and passphrase) of the wallet. Do not disconnect the device while installation is in progress, that will also brick the device. If the keyboard to enter password get stuck or device screen goes blank (white screen without text), re connect the device and try again.

Follow these steps :

  1. Download and install the OPOLO Desk v 1.2.8 or higher, you must download and update this first, else you will brick the device.
  2. Open the OPOLODesk and goto Help menu (Left bottom) to verify that it is 1.2.8
  3. Connect the wallet, you will be prompted to update firmware to v 2.0.1, follow the steps
  4. The process will ask you to reconnect the hardware, once done, please Close the OPOLODesk APP and restart it.
  5. Once OPOLODesk app is started, click on button PAIR USB, and then choose OPOLOC in the popup window
  6. Download the firmware v 2.0.10 from : fw-2_0_10.bin, update firmware on OPOLO Desk.
  7. The firmware update window will open again : follow the instruction to update the firmware. Beware to only choose the original file downloaded in Step 6. Else it will brick the device. Follow the steps on device and complete firmware update.
  8. Re-connect the device, see in Help menu, you should see firmware version 2.0.10. All is good, enjoy the opolo wallet.

These updates will solve the heating, and the device stuck or blank screen issues for batch 2 devices. If you find any issues, send message to our support email hello at