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How to exchange Ethereum to Ripple in OPOLO Desk

  1. For exchanging Ethereum, you must have added the Ethereum into OPOLO Desk, and you must have minimum required balance in one of the Ethereum address that will be exchanged for Ripple.
  2. Select EXCHANGE CRYPTO from the left-hand side menu on OPOLO Desk
  3. Select the Exchange/Coinswap option for example Changelly or CoinSwitch.
  4. Select Ethereum under “Exchange Coin/Token”
  5. Select Ripple under “Receive Coin/Token”, if you have not added Ripple before, here you need to create a new address for Ripple where the coins will be received. Press “Click to add address”.
  6. Select the Ethereum address that has the balance to be exchanged
  7. Enter the send amount, this amount should be higher than the minimum allowed and should be less than the maximum allowed amount
  8. You will be able to view the Approximate amount on the left side
  9. Select the checkbox and if all is good, you will be able to view the “Exchange” button enabled.
  10. Press Exchange, and follow the transaction information on the OPOLO Cosmos device.
  11. Verify if all the information is correct and sign the transaction
  12. On successful broadcast, you will be able to view the transaction id in green and would be able to see exchange transactions if you press the “Transactions” button on the left menu.