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How to safely shutdown OPOLO Cosmos

OPOLO Cosmos never keeps the sensitive data in the MCU, it automatically removes it after usage. Furthermore, OPOLO does not use SRAM for sensitive data. As SRAM is connected to USB so we never put sensitive data in the SRAM of MCU.

Although the sensitive data should have been removed after use from the MCU, however, we give this option so the user can manually erase all the sensitive data (if any) from the MCU and shut down the device.

  1. Go to the settings page on OPOLO Desk
  2. Perform any operations, such as address generation or transactions
  3. Under the section Hardware wallet, press the button “Clear Sensitive Data”
  4. On success, you will see on OPOLO Cosmos, the message that the sensitive data is erased and the device is shutting down.